Dear customers, we inform you that the Hotel Garnì Mille Pini will be closed during the winter season of 2022/2023. We will be open from June 1th, 2023.

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Privacy Policy with respect to the processing of Personal Data and the use of Cookies.
The Privacy statements on processing Personal Data and the use of Cookies by, within the meaning of Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree n.196/2003, are provided in the following sections.
Personal Data: Informations Request
By sending the completed form on the page for Information Request on, you agree to the use of personal details (name and email address) by the Staff of Hotel Garnì Mille Pini - Scanno (Italy) (Owner of The data will be used only to process your information request and for no other purposes. Once the request is complete, unless specifically requested by the Customer to "stay in touch", the personal data will not be more used.
Personal Data: Newsletters
By sending the completed form on the page of Newsletters on and after your subsequent confirmation by email, you agree to the temporary registration of the email address in a secure database (the Servers of Aruba S.p.A., which hosts the email accounts of, and to receive newsletters coming through automated services exclusively from Hotel Garnì Mille Pini - Scanno (Italy). The email address will not be communicated to third parties and you can unsubscribe at any time by following the instruction included within each email that you receive. Only staff members of Hotel Garnì Mille Pini - Scanno (Italy) (Owner of may view email addresses, in order to check the proper functioning of the software for the management of newsletter.
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Personal Data: anonymous web browsing
The Software responsible for the operation of, anonymously collects data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet protocols (IP address, page views, visiting time, referrer, etc) to which the user may still escape through anonymous browsing methods (VPN, Proxies, Browser Settings, etc). The Software keeps the data on the Server, temporarily (at most 365 days) in order to defend from any computer crimes and to process anonymous statistics to improve services offered.
What are Cookies and how to manage them
Cookies are small text files recorded by the Browser and stored on your computer when using WebSites or Applications. You can manage cookies by configuring Privacy settings in the Browser. A Cookie can not retrieve any other data from the user's hard disk, can not pass on computer viruses, or capture email addresses.
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Cookies profiling: not installed does not install Cookies profiling, which is the use of Cookies to track online activities in order to create a "profile" of a User. In example, this is often done by marketers for sending targeted advertising messages or similar purposes. For the use of these Cookies would be necessary to inform the User and have its consent.
Technical Cookies: not installed does not install technical Cookies, generally used to ensure the provision of the services for navigation, sessions, and other functionalities. These Cookies do not require User consent.
Sharing Links to External Sites
On there are Links for sharing pages or content. The sharing occurs when visiting another Site, in a new page disconnected from In this case, the User is referred to the Privacy Policy of the External Site interested, to which it is assumed that the User is registered.
Links to External Sites
On, while browsing, you can see Links to pages and content hosted on External Sites. The connection is made with the addressing to another Site, in a new page disconnected from In this case, the user is referred to the Privacy Policy of the External Site interested.
Hotel Garnì Mille Pini - Scanno (Italy)
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